What is the point?

A few words about SwingerCode

The SwingerCode symbol - or simply the Swinger Code - is a wearable sign created to help swingers recognise each other, thus helping them finding partners. The sign is unobstrusive, and respects the privacy of the ones who wear it.

A swinger is someone who is in a relationship which is not monogamous, meaning that the members willingly and knowlingly engage in a (usually) sexual relationship with others.
The phrase is mostly used for couples, who practice sex with partner swapping, an activity organised either privately or publicly in so called "swinger clubs".
Being a swinger is not the same as being a cheater: swingers engage in sexual relationships with others in the presence, or at least with the consent of each other.

The sign

Explanation of the symbols

  • The symbol consists of the international male and female signs arranged horizontally, with their circles intersecting, with three plus or minus signs in both sides (see below).
  • The intersecting circles create three areas, which can be filled to denote who the wearer is looking for.
  • Filled middle section: looking for a pair.
  • Filled male/female section: looking for a male/female partner.
  • Filling of the sections can be combined. For example the filling in the female and the middle section means that "we are looking for either a female or a pair".
  • The three plus signs on both sides mean: we are looking for partners as a pair. The minus signs means: "I would also join without my partner."


Symbol Stands for Get it here
This is the general code, the most discrete of all. It means that a couple (male+female) is looking for a partner, without specifying anything more.  Print wirstband
This means that a couple is looking for a couple. A man and a woman is looking for another man and woman - most likely for a foursome.  Print wirstband
A frequent scenarion, where a couple is looking for a female partner. This couple would welcome a (probably bisexual) woman in their bed.  Print wirstband

Special symbols

The Swinger Code was mainly created for symbolising the couple-to-couple scenario for heterosexual (male+female) couples. However, it can also be used by homosexual couples (using the same gender symbols on both sides), by singles wishing to join a couple (using a basic circle instead of one of the gender symbols), or to show when one of the members of the couple would join another couple without his or her spouse (- signs).

How to use

Creating, buying, wearing the sign

The symbol can be worn on a wirstband, a sticker, or anything you wish. It can be painted, printed, even tattooed - it all depends on your creativity. Wirstbands made of paper can be printed using the templates shown above.
The recommended way is to wear it on a wirstband, so we sometimes refer to the code as "swinger wirstband" or simply "wirstband".
How flashy you wear the code is up to your mood and the situation. Most prefer to use a more pronounced sign when on a vacation, at a nude beach or at a club, and hide it at work, in front of unknowing family members and during everyday activities.

Drawing, displaying, wearing the symbol is free of charge to anyone, anywhere and anytime for personal use.
Business/For profit use (e.g. manufacturing items with the symbol, using it in an ad, etc.) is only allowed with the written consent of Swingercode.org!
You can also display the symbol on any web page for free, provided that you give credit (link) to the source (www.swingercode.org).
To promote Swinger Code, we have created some cheap, durable, waterproof silicone wirstbands you can order.

Dating, etiquette

How to use the symbol (wirstband) for dating?

If someone wears a wirstband, he or she IS looking for a partner. However, that doest not mean you can approach him or her as you wish!
Always be discrete, and avoid creating an awkward situation. Please follow the SwingerCode etiquette and steps described below.


It is not enough to see someone using the symbol. In order to approach him or her, you also have to wear it at that moment.


To approach: make a gesture pointing to your own symbol in a way that it is only visible to the other person.


To accept the "invitation", the other party should approach the one showing the sign. Smile back, walk to him/her, and begin to talk :)


To reject the approach, the other party has nothing to do. No means no, and it is final - just as in a swinger club.


Creating SwingerCode and the ideas behind

When we created SwingerCode, we had the followings in mind:

  • It should be free for individuals, but also protected, so different versions do not emerge to cause confusion.
  • The symbol itself should be expressive and simple that can be easily drawn or printed on anything
  • It should be clear and unambiguous to those who know it.
  • It should NOT be too expressive and obvious so that one can "deny" its meaning ("I don't know, I just liked the shape")
  • It should fit on a tight place, especially on a wirstband
  • It should show WHO the wearer is looking for
  • It should not be too verbose to respect your privacy.
  • IT IS MOSTLY FOR COUPLES - "classic" swingers - but others should be able to use it as well.