DIY wirstbands

Paper Do-It-Yourself Wirstbands How-To

First of all: to create your own wearable Swinger Code only depends on your creativity, time and effort. The symbol is simple, you can easily draw it by hand - even on your body :)

However, the easiest and fastest way to create a wirstband is by simply getting one of the ready-made templates below. Download, print, and cut it out!
Of course this will not be a very durable or even waterproof solution, but it still works. If you want something more professional, and can not find a DIY way, just go ahead and order one of our silicone wirstbands, which also supports our cause.

Symbol Stands for Get it here
This is the general code, the most discrete of all. It means that a couple (male+female) is looking for a partner, without specifying anything more.  Print wirstband
This means that a couple is looking for a couple. A man and a woman is looking for another man and woman - most likely for a foursome.  Print wirstband
A frequent scenarion, where a couple is looking for a female partner. This couple would welcome a (probably bisexual) woman in their bed.  Print wirstband